Over the years interviews have been made by a variety of newspapers and magazines. Below are two examples.

Design Matters

Credits: DesignMatters No 4, vinter/winter 2004
Photos by Mikkel Bache

The magazine DesignMatters was founded by the Association of Danish Designers and Danish Design Center. The publication no longer exists.


Essential Sustainability: From Utopian Theory to Practical Application

I started out as a graphic designer in London in 1984, having been educated in Cornwall. At that time I neither cared nor was aware of the effect my work had on the environment or on society at large. In the late 80’s, however, I shifted my perspective to focus on the environment. I specified recycled paper, biodegradable materials, reusable plastics and non-toxic printing inks. I made sure all my suppliers were committed to environmentally-sound principles. These ideas were very new then and most clients had no interest in these issues. After focussing on waste materials, landfill sites, recycling etc. for a period of time I became interested in sustainability, because it encompassed not only environmental concerns, but social, ethical and economic concerns as well. It seemed logical to me that a holistic approach had to be taken if we were to create real change.

ICIS was the first real expression of the ideas I had about educating for sustainability. The article in Design Matters was about the reason behind the thinking and action.

They wrote: ”ICIS seeks to promote a comprehensive, holistic view of creativity, innovation and sustainability, They host seminars and master classes, where experts, business people and designers debate and investigate new ways of employing design. ICIS seeks to influence the business community and political and scientific circles with their message of a sustainable world” (Design Matters, No4 VINTER, 2004).


ICIS at Hornbækgaard 2001-2015 (Photos: Jørgen Jørgensen)

”Until she can afford to make her dream come true, she rents spaces along the coast and fills them with curious participants. With a visionary spirit she enthusiastically shows me the architect’s million-dollar plan for the center. But she does not hide the fact that running an organisation like this is not exactly a money making machine. After two years, she still uses most of her time raising funds from private sponsors, trying to attract the attention of all the George Soros of this world and other visionaries who recognize the perspective of responsible design. Until that time comes she uses her own savings…..”

Credits: Graphis 354, November-December 2004
Interview by Berit Andersen
Photos by Jørgen Jørgensen